Equipment Hire and Payment Agreement


Essex communications would require a deposit at time of booking. All deposits are refundable when equipment is returned in good working order, if equipment is found to be missing or damaged the refund would be non-refundable and the cost of damage or replacement of equipment would also be charged.

Payment terms

All invoices MUST be paid within 28 days from the date on the invoices, if not settled before 28 days a 10% late fee will be added for every 7 days the invoice is still not settled for. If paying by credit or debit card a 5% admin charge will apply.

Hire Period

If the hire period needs to be adjusted, e.g. dates shortened or lengthened by the client, these times need to be discussed at least 48 hours before the event date, to make sure they are feasible and possible. Prices would be adjusted accordingly and this would be done on the event date.

Short Notice Bookings

Essex communications will do all they can to accommodate a short notice booking, if the booking is less than 10 days before the event date, we would need full payment at time of booking.

Cancellation by Client

If the client wishes to cancel an event this must be done as soon as possible.

If the client wishes to cancel their order, this must be done 5 days before their event date, if payments have already been received, then this would be refunded less 10%.

If the client wishes to change the event date Essex Communications will do all it can to try and accommodate the request and if this can be done the payments would stay as they are.

Cancellation by Essex Communications

Essex Communications have never failed to supply equipment for an event, however this can never be ruled out, if for whatever reason Essex Communications cannot supply equipment, all payments received would be refunded. Essex Communications would work with the client or venue to find, if possible a new supplier.

Late start by Essex Communications / Breakdown of equipment

Essex Communications have never failed to deliver equipment for an event, but this can never be ruled out. If in the unlikely event we do endure an equipment breakdown, Essex Communications will do all that is possible to provide you with the equipment for your event and to the best of their ability. If the event cannot continue due to severe equipment failure, a refund would be made on a pro-rata basis if this is less than 25% of the dates chosen then a full refund would be given including the deposit, Also 20% of the booking fee would be given as compensation (compensation will only be paid if we cannot supply any equipment)

In the unlikely event that Essex Communications are late delivering due to whatever reason a refund would be given on a pro-rata basis.

Late start by client

If for any reason Essex Communications are delayed in setting up due to:

  • Venue being locked / not ready
  • Client running behind schedule
  • Venue over running from previous event

Essex Communications will help where it can to ensure the setup process is complete as quick as possible, for this there would be no refund payable.

Damage, Loss & Theft

If damage, loss or theft is caused to any Essex Communications equipment by the client or persons attending the event Essex Communications reserves the right to charge the client for the full cost of repairs or replacement of equipment at the current market value. If the missing equipment is found and returned in good working order within 30 days from the end date of the event a full refund would be given for goods that have been paid for, after 30 days the money paid for replacement equipment would not be refundable.

Replacement equipment price list
Motorola CP040 £100.00
Motorola GP340 £100.00
Motorola DP3400 £200.00
Motorola DP3600 £300.00
Motorola DP3601 £350.00
CP040 Batteries £20.00
GP340 Batteries £20.00
DP Batteries £40.00
Single Charger Unit £30.00
6 Way Charger Unit £100.00
Ear Piece (hook type) £15.00
Ear Piece (tube type) £20.00
Side adapter £10.00
Belt clip £5.00
Antenna £10.00
Re-case £30.00
Shipping Box £40.00
Repeater £1,500.00

These prices will be held for 2016

Health & Safety

All Essex Communications equipment is fully PAT tested and comply with the EU standards.

Venue Requirements

The Client / venue will be responsible for ensuring that Essex Communications,

  • Will have a reliable power supply
  • Have access to 13amp sockets
  • Will have access to the venue at agreed times ( for delivery & collection )
  • Equipment is protected from public
  • Has water proof cover if using outdoors (for charging units)

If some of the requirements listed above are not given Essex Communications may not be able to deliver a reliable service. The client accepts full responsibility for any damage or injuries or delays that occur as a result of failing to comply with the requirements.